niedziela, 31 grudnia 2006

The First..

Hi, who would have I'm starting my blog and on top of that it's few hours till new year. Why i decided on a blog? Hmm.. i suppose it's because of my memory of long forgoten "diary" You could say. Just wanted to save some of my memory somewhere. I'm not a wrighter, and i make mistakes..but these are the things that make us learn and remember things that matter.

Here's a bit info about me..
My name is Sebastian i live in Poland (Central Europe). I'm 21 and darn, still single (building up courage now ;) ). I study on Technical University of Koszalin on 3rd year of Computer Science.

That's all for now folks, if anyone will ever what to read this there will probably be more somday ;)..

Happy New Year 7D7h ;)

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