wtorek, 30 września 2008

As name suggests

I never would have thought that the name I came up for this blog would end up so true in it's meaning. It's nearly the end of 2008 and I'm wrighting from Lizbon in Portugal, about 3000km from home. These are really distant stars for me.
Nevertheless after a week here I can say I'm a bit happy about all this Erasmus stuff. People are nice, the weather is great (although a bit to warm for my standards ;p) but all in all this should be a good trip, oh and a one year trip I should have said.
I'm studying Informatics or Computer Science at IST Alameda, and it seems that it's a really high class university so I'm not quite sure if this trip thing is going to work out, on the other hand I can't loose faith in my good-time-to-be-here :P.
At the time beeing I'm trying to change most of the subjects since there has been some missunderstandings and other stuff going on, I have real faith that it wil all work out somehow.
That's it for now, I've got classess at 12:30 ;/ but hopefully they will be painless (and first and last time I go to these)

Take care..

środa, 30 kwietnia 2008


Whoo.. It's been a while, darn time flies like hell these days.. but since no one knows about this place i guess it doesn't really matter now. Well just for myself then, a bit what happened, and what is happening right now.

Let's see first thing is that not much has changed..basically nothing in my life.
Second is that now I'm in middle of writing my Engineer's Diploma, about Heavy Metal bands. Work is going steady but since I want to learn in France (and i know just a few words ;) ) using Erasmus student exchange program, I have to end it before 1st of July. This makes it a bit.. hard, although I'm a positive thinker so it'll work out somehow. (blood and sweat :) )

Hmm.. and my plans about future? Well I try not to go that far (at least not more that a year ahead) all can change within a day. But most important is my diploma, then scholarship, and studying abroad. What will come after, I'll deal with it like always.. head on. ;)